Find a Used Ford Transit in the Sterling Area

The business world can be demanding of owners. You need a vehicle that can both transport supplies to a work site or give your workers a comfy and safe ride to their next job. But, you’d also like to buy something on a budget because who doesn’t like getting a good deal? You should consider a used Ford Transit for your business. Our Leesburg dealership is proud to tell you about the benefits of a used van like the Transit.

The Capabilities of the Ford Transit

When you’re researching used vans, you might often see the Transit come up. That’s not a surprise, considering it typically leads the market in commercial-van sales. One reason you may need a commercial van is likely to transport cargo or passengers. The cargo area tends to be both roomy and spacious, depending on what you are using it for. With passengers, you can enjoy a comfortable ride with plenty of head and legroom. If you are hauling cargo, the base payload capacity can reach over 1500 pounds. This can vary due to the different models we may have available at our dealership, west of Potomac, MD.

Underneath the Hood of a Used Ford Transit

When shopping for a used commercial van, you need something that can handle when you need to carry cargo or passengers. A used Transit has a powertrain that can put out decent top speed and an efficient fuel economy to put less strain on your wallet and puts more money into your business. Performance is key in a used van, so it works alongside you instead of against you. The Ford Transit is here to make things easier.

When in the market for a used van to help save money to put into your business, you don’t need to look far to discover the Ford Transit. Some people might shy away from used because they have concerns about the quality. Here at Jerry’s Ford of Leesburg, southeast of Martinsburg, WV, used is meant to be a reassurance. We proudly sell all our used vehicles with the stamp of approval that our expertly trained staff of professionals have given. If you are looking for a used Ford transit near Ashburn, let us help you find the right one for your needs. You won’t be disappointed!