Top 5 Features of the FordPass App

The FordPass app is curated to offer enhanced convenience and the best driving experience. The app is designed to improve the owner’s interaction with his Ford car. 

Let's find out the best features offered on the FordPass app!

How to set up the FordPass app?
Firstly, you will have to download the FordPass app and connect it to your Ford vehicle. Next, you must create a 4-digit security pin or even a Touch ID recognition. On the app, you will find a section titled ‘My Vehicles’ and will be required to add your model to this section. 

You can attach your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) either by scanning it from the inside of the driver’s door or by typing it in. You will receive a message confirming your VIN, after which you should hit 'finish'. As and when needed, you can use the FordPass app by simply tapping on ‘Active’.

Top 5 features on the FordPass app

1. Vehicle Control
You enjoy enhanced interaction with your vehicle without being physically present in the same location. You can easily lock, unlock, or start the engine no matter where you are. 

You can access these controls in the Vehicle Control menu on the app. To activate any action, tap and hold onto the relevant button. You may also view the fuel bar to find out how much fuel remains in your tank. 

2. My Vehicles
The My Vehicles menu allows you to add or edit information concerning your vehicle, such as – mileage, fuel, and much more. You can easily look at your servicing history and receive alerts for your next scheduled maintenance session. 

My Dealer
The My Dealer menu on the FordPass app provides the car owner with details of their preferred Ford dealership, such as – working hours, location, phone number, and more. You can also reach us at Jerry’s Ford Leesburg in Alexandria, Virginia. 

Before heading to a location, one glance at the Park option will help you find the best parking spots around the city, and also the fares for parking in these areas. 

The Map option will help you find information on gas stations and the current prices of fuel at these locations. The Map feature can also help you find your car irrespective of your whereabouts.