Top 5 Ford Vehicles for Traveling Long Distances

There’s no better brand than a Ford if you’re looking for a car that’s road trip friendly. At Jerry's Ford Leesburg, we are a reputed Ford dealership in Alexandria, VA. Here are our top picks for the best long-journey Ford cars:
1. Ford Focus
A car that's suitable both for the city and the great outdoors is the Ford Focus. Coming with two engine options and a max horsepower of 350, this is a powerful beast. There are numerous trims available, ensuring absolutely every type of traveler is kept happy. There’s lots of storage space, split-folding seats, and top-notch infotainment.
2. Ford Ranger
A compact pickup is the perfect companion for a long journey and there’s no better than the Ranger in the pick-up segment. There’s lots of space in the back to store your bags and equipment, plus the vehicle can tow 7,500 pounds.
3. Ford F-150
If compact isn’t your preferred choice, then the full-size pickup F150 will do the trick. The pickup comes with three engine variants, each more powerful than the last. The car is extremely spacious and equipped with the best-in-class safety and infotainment system. With a max towing power of a whopping 11,600 pounds and a stellar fuel economy of 22/25/30, the F150 is the perfect car for long-distance travel.
4. Ford Escape
Of course, when considering long-haul journeys, you shouldn’t forget the Ford Escape, which comes with intelligent 4WD, making it ideal for all driving conditions. The SUV offers an expansive storage space of 34 cu-ft after the second row is folded down. It can tow up to 3,500 pounds, allowing you to carry smaller boats, bikes, and more.
5. Ford Expedition
Finally, there’s the Expedition – the largest full-size truck-type SUV on the range. Combining space, comfort, functionality, and aesthetics, this is the ultimate long-haul vehicle. The car offers 121 cu-ft of cargo space when both the rear seats are folded. It's 9,300 towage enables you to cart a small trailer to the campsite. Plus, its 400-hp V6 gives it plenty of power to burn through trails while saving fuel.

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