Ford Safety Features

Ford Safety Features

At Jerry's Ford - Leesburg in Leesburg,  driver safety is very important to us and our Ford drivers around  Ashburn, Sterling. Ford cars come equipped with the best in driver safety and assistance features. They are built with quality materials, mechanics, and technology designed to provide maximum security to the driver and passengers. Read on the find the most prominent safety features in a Ford car. 

Airbags are an extremely important safety feature for any car. All Ford models have a minimum of six airbags distributed between the front, curtain, and sides. With the presence of airbags in every area, Ford cars will surely provide protection for every single passenger in the car. 


The Hill-Launch Assist is a feature that gives you peace of mind when you are parked on a slope. Upon detection of a slope, extra pressure falls on the brake system in order to give you more time to maneuver between the accelerator and brake pedals. The added 2.5 seconds helps you attain more control over the vehicle.

Ford MyKey is another feature that provides extra assistance to the driver. Upon insertion into the vehicle, the key activates a mode wherein the driver can enter a few restrictions to be applied. He/she can choose to set a speed-limit alert, a seatbelt reminder as well as commands to adjust the volume of your audio system. 

Maintaining control and stability over the vehicle is absolutely essential. Considering the varying road conditions, Ford cars come equipped with quality traction control. The technology assists the driver with steering control to avoid lane deviations, and the Electronic Stability Program allows many of the automatic driver assists to provide comfort and ease in driving. 


All Ford cars come equipped with a superior braking system. It is risky for wheels to get locked especially while driving at higher speeds, so the models are built with an advanced Anti-Locking Braking System to prevent any mishaps. The Electronic Brake Force Distribution balances the braking power used on both the front and rear wheels. 

Ford cars are built with superior expertise. As safety is paramount, Ford’s performance with regards to the same has been above the standard. With certifications and recognitions to its name, Ford vehicles are the perfect choice for any car lover.

We trust that you make every effort to make sure you are safe to travel. There are many characteristics in every car that helps prevent an accident and protect you from an imminent crash. To learn more about Ford's safety, our safety experts at Jerry's Ford - Leesburg in Leesburg, VA are ready to review and answer any questions you have about Ford Safety. While you visit us at 847 E. Market St. in Leesburg VA browse our showroom and get into a test drive! 

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