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Here at JPD, we are passionate about vehicle customization. There is a lot to consider when looking at car and truck customization and what options will suit your style, but fortunately you have us to help you out!


Our staff takes a lot of pride in building high-quality custom vehicle packages. We have many packages to choose from, but we also provide a customization service geared towards helping you create your dream car or truck.


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Best of all, we offer a 100% free and no-obligation vehicle consultation by appointment. During your visit, we tailor a package that is unique to your style. Regardless if you are in the planning stages of buying a new vehicle or are looking to change up your current one, we are here to help! 


Each vehicle is proudly assembled in-house by our expert technicians. This includes: suspension lifting/lowering, ROUSH Performance superchargers/power kits, custom paint work, and much more.


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