Theres no better brand than a Ford if youre looking for a car thats road trip friendly. At Jerry's Ford Leesburg, we are a reputed Ford dealership in Alexandria, VA. Here are our top picks for the best long-journey Ford cars:

The 2020 Ford Mustang is one of those popular sports beauties on the roads of Annandale, Arlington, and Springfield right now. And we here at Jerrys Ford Leesburg in Alexandria, VA, are pretty sure about this given the number of these...continue reading

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Ford Bronco fans in Alexandria, VA, have been waiting long enough for the much-awaiting arrival of the 2020 Ford Bronco in Annandale, Arlington, and Springfield. Like a blast from the past, this iconic legend is all set to take over the...continue reading

Ford is a pioneer when it comes to incorporating environment-friendly options to its high-quality vehicle designs. As of today, the highest-selling fuel choices around the globe are diesel and gasoline.